the museum

Over the years I've archived, recorded, copied and created lots of things that may be of some interest to the reader, all of which can be found here, in the museum. 'Museum' could be considered, by some, to be a lofty term for a decidedly motley collection of things to look at and listen to - however, anyone who knows museums, knows they're all about lofty terms for motley things. As such, I'm sticking with it.

  1. the baccyflap page
  2. all crimps from the mighty boosh
  3. clay's money origami
  4. my great-grandfather's wartime letter
  5. ration stamps from world war 2
  6. hylke tromp media archive
  7. victoria regia by heinrich witte
  8. the legasov tapes
  9. the hall of uncommon sounds
  10. the hall of old calculators
  11. pipe smokers' proverbs
  12. take a journey to the stars (some info)
  13. links to other websites
  14. find the golden comma