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Boonana (2023-02-26)
goldenfurniture (2022-12-20)
Henrique (2022-11-27)
Olá! Eu gostei muito da sua dica para o reparo e uso do cachimbo.
Guroipa (2022-11-25)
Cool site. now I need a baccyflap
roh (2022-09-17)
Love your site! I love stumbling upon little gems like these :')

Love the way you write.
alex (2022-09-04)
your tips for decomposing animals was super helpful!! bookmarked it for sure thanks rmf :)
Adrien (2022-06-23)
Hi! I found your elvis page which I used as a reference to write my own little surfraw thing, because docs are hard to find for that thing.

Might keep on reading the other things.

Thank you!

Bye bye
Stavros aspinall (2022-02-26)
Hi I have just recently acquired the Texas Instruments Ti-51-111.not sure if it works yet and I have the manual to go with going off assumption it does work and they worth much and thank you .s.aspinall ..and ywed site is cool ..
Doc Burns (2022-02-04)
I bought my Parker Baccyflap in 1970 from my favourite tobacconist's shop in my home, Vancouver, BC, Canada. It came in the Parker box you have in your lovely photos. You may be correct about them being distributed to British Commonwealth countries, as I went to uni at UCBerkeley and UCSanta Cruz, never having seen one in the many tobacconists in the Greater Bay Area at the time, (71-77), nor in any of the many tobacconists I visited during travels in the US. There were enough of them amongst the members of the Vancouver Pipe Club that a member's wife kindly made up soft, fitted drawstring pouches for them, one of which is where mine now happily resides. A constant pocket companion whilst backpacking, fishing and sailing, although caution on my part meant it remained in camp, or deep and safe in a haul sack when climbing, it is always a pleasure to use, (as intended, for pipe tobacco), and handle. Thank you kindly for your efforts. They are appreciated. -d-
Bone Mama (2021-11-15)
So glad that I found this post. Thanks,
coolguy (2021-10-16)
thank u for the instructions on how to decompose dead animals! i found a fox's leg the other day and i want to get the bones from it so this was very helpful :)
abby (2021-10-03)
thank you for the tips and instructions on how to preserve dead things! i have amassed quite a large bone collection.
Hades (2021-10-01)
Thank you, thank you, a dozen hundred times thank you for your easy to follow pipe tenon repair article. I feel confident in attempting a repair on my own that I have never tried before. Also can't help but echo your recollections of the emerging internet as an altogether more wholesome place.
olive (2021-08-31)
currently preserving a large orange crawfish thanks to your article! going to suspend him on a chain and wear around.
sheepy (2021-07-23)
Hmmm fascinating..! wow... Thank you for this page
rmf (2021-06-08)
I do repairs for friends and would likely happily help you out were we to meet IRL, but I think we may be oceans apart, as I'm in Europe and I cannot advise shipping two units all the way over here when I can't promise I'll be able to repair them.

Depending on where you are I'd ask around locally. Hifi shops, hardware stores even - they'll usually have people they use for electronics repairs and they may be able to connect you.
Blake Zingerman (2021-06-02)
Hello. Was wondering if you do actual repairs or know of someone who does? I have two players that are in need of repair.

dve (2021-05-31)
Hey RMF, thanks a lot for this great website, I enjoyed the tips about tape decks.
I completely adore this traditional html+php approach to the web, let's hope websites like yours will remain here for long.

(Got one just like this but I'm rearranging my hosting atm).

JNB (2021-04-27)
Your website inspires, and drives forward hope for a more elegant age, where one visits with things designed from love, creativity, and passion, not from A-B testing, streamlined purchasing, and optimized keywords. Thank you, sincerely.
Gordon (2021-02-14)
In a world of forums and facebook and instagram, I'd almost forgotten that there are still people out there who just carry on regardless, doing things their own way, just because they want to.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the tape repair tips... I wish I had found it sooner, it would have saved me learning all that stuff the hard way!
Dawn (2021-02-09)
I found your site quite by accident and it was very helpful. I was looking into how to preserve some pieces for some jewelry and some other artwork. Much appreciate your knowledge.
will (2021-01-07)
this site is like stepping out of the loud, screaming color of a pop art museum into a large white room with a very, very comfortable chair at its center. i discovered this place by complete chance, but i get the feeling i'll be back for a break whenever the chaos of the internet beyond becomes too much to handle.
Leo (2020-11-24)
You have a beautiful website.

Also thank you for your article on cassette deck repair. Finding it was a turning point on my own repair project and now I can finally listen to my cassettes with a good sound.

Stay well!
Whiskey Mick (2020-08-06)
Very interesting blog! I really enjoyed reading it so thank you. My better half recently acquired mine for my birthday for the princely sum of £25. It’s the mottled version but a very dark reddish brown. I absolutely love it! Very tactile and does exactly what it should in terms of keeping ones tobacco fresh. Someone told me that the knurled top surface had two intentions. To provide some grip to open and to strike those old-fashioned red non-safety matches on. How true the latter is I don’t know. No sign of using it to light matches on mine. It’s pristine. I guess these things are pretty indestructible unless you drop it from height onto concrete! Once again - a great read! Thanks!
Fabrice (2020-07-12)
Thank you for this. I really enjoyed your website.
Kynesgrove89 (2020-01-21)
Very interesting read. Appreciate this site
Askme Please (2020-01-21)
Thank you for your delligence at keeping alive words from a prophetic learned man. I appreciate your efforts.
rmf (2019-04-22)
Happy to be of service, GROD. I just fixed that link to the RSS widget, thanks for tipping me off to the error - it should work now.
GROD (2019-04-21)
Thank you for the weather kwgt widget.

I was looking also for the RSS reader, but the file you linked doubled up on the weather widget. Thank you!
Al Postlethwaite (2019-04-03)
Bought a Parker plastic Baccyflap in a little tobaconnist in Yeovil in 1990. It traveled quite a bit of the world with a Falcon pipe and me for a decade. Thought I had lost it until recently when it turned up in a box of bric-a-brac from the loft. Some tobacco in it too. Kentucky Bird, I believe!
Paul (2019-02-22)
Another Baccyflap landed safely with me here in cold wet wintery Cyprus today courtesy of George my brother in law back in the bright and sunny UK. George found the pipe smokers 'Holy Grail' of the Baccyflap in a box of oddments at a recent car boot sale and recognised it for what it was after remembering seeing the one I already have at a Christmas family get together. Mindful of what I paid for the Baccyflap and prices currently being charged he purchased it for the princely sum of 20 Pence (100 Pence = 01 UK£). The Baccyflap is complete without damage, it has cleaned up very well and retained it's waterproof seal after testing in a bucket of water. Many thanks George, that's 20 Pence + more than a couple of beers that I owe you when we meet in the summer.
Brian (2019-01-15)
I found your site after looking up info about, well, the Baccy Flap. Too bad they arent made anymore!

Regardless, I too miss the days of personal websites and how relatable the web used to be when I was a kid, before it was all so thoroughly commercialized and pasteurized. So, yeah, thanks!
Lawrence Northe. (2018-09-08)
I bought a Baccyflap from a thrift shop today, I liked its shape , size and that it was made of Bakelite but didn't know what it was used for, a google found me your interesting article which I found enjoyable and solved my mystery. Thank you from New Zealand!
Hannah O'Byrne (2018-08-26)
I collect bakelite and also vanity items so was delighted to find a clutch bag, made by Wunup, that incorporates a Wunup cigarette case in such a way that the owner could access the cigarettes without opening the clutch bag! Thought you'd like to know about it in case you hadn't come across one before. Kind regards Hannah
rmf (2018-06-19)
Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your well-told tales of baccyflaps past and present. I'm going to look into a way of including a link to your comments on the big baccyflap info page.

It'll add some colour to that section - or at the very least, it'll caution the public to keep their treasured baccyflaps out of the reach of laser-pistol-wielding youngsters. Sound advice for the ages, if you ask me.
G (2018-06-14)
actually the counter of el_120 can be used for cou ting objects and multiplying at the end with the value (presuming they are of the same alue like quarter coins for example?. Nice site!
Paul (2018-06-13)
My 'new' Wunup Baccyflap arrived safe and sound in Cyprus from the UK some days ago and really does look new, no scratches chips or splits and complete with the inner ring which can be removed, and often lost, for cleaning. Threads are undamaged and the Baccyflap withstood a leak test when immersed in a bowl of water. Very many thanks to the UK seller.

Exactly as I remember my Grandfathers Baccyflap from the 1950's which I broke.
Four (4) start Whitworth thread which accounts for the quarter (1/4) turn to open or close which would have been difficult to manufacture accurately in Bakelite.
Tobacco stored in the Baccyflap remains remarkably unaffected by the early summer heat and humidity of Cyprus, currently 32'c with very high humidity following thunder storms and heavy rain. Easily fits in a trouser pocket without being uncomfortable or creating an unseemly bulge.

Observations of Others.
Everyone, pipe smoker or not who see's the Baccyflap likes it and yes they do want to pick it up and play with it.
My Tobacconist, now in his late seventies knew what it was straight away and surprised me by saying that there were still plenty of Baccyflaps in use here especially amongst the older pipe smokers. Most Baccyflaps apparently arrived here through the NAAFI shops of the British Military in the 1940's/50's, and were supposedly only on sale to the military, but this was Cyprus and things didn't quite work like that then. The tobacconist went on to tell me that his father who'd had the business before him managed to order two boxes of twenty four from the UK which sold out very quickly because of their unique tobacco preservative qualities but was disappointed with the next delivery which was the Parker plastic version that had been already discovered not to be as good by NAAFI buyers.

Problems Encountered.
Police security officers at Larnaca airport were at first very suspicious of the Baccyflap when I went through the security gate on my way into work. Easily resolved but airline passengers may want to think twice about flying with a Baccyflap if they don't want the hassle of explaining what it is and perhaps being delayed by the process.
A bigger problem is that I now want another Baccyflap for my alternative smoke. Where will it all end?
Paul (2018-05-27)
Wunup of course, not Win Up.
Most probably not reading the instructions before lift off caused the Oxfordshire field disaster of the 1950's.
Good to see that the intervening sixty odd years haven't changed me!
Paul (2018-05-27)
Tonight I won a Win Up Baccyflap and will now spend an anxious couple of days waiting for it to arrive in Cyprus by airmail from the UK.

Your BF story inspired me to seek and purchase my own BF in atonement for smashing to pieces my late pipe smoking Grandfathers BF in an Oxfordshire UK field during the 1950's while testing the theory of spacecraft flight. Fortunately I had a Dan Dare Ray Gun to protect me from his wrath but I have the very strong conviction that he never quite forgave me. Now my G/Father can return from infinity and claim what is
rightfully his or wait for me to bring the BF with me when I join him on life's last great adventure.

The assembled horde demand that this Blog be reopened!
Aldente (2017-11-29)
Just recently won an e-bay auction for my Baccyflap that I received over a month ago and would like to report that I am happy as a pig-in-a-puddle... :)))
It's in barely-used conition. Wow!!!
This little'pocket edition' brown flying saucer is sooo cool, I find myself constantly holding it in my hands -- it's that addictive!

And then I open it and take a whiff of my most aromatic tobacco I store in it. It holds the aroma perfectly and seems like it's really airtight for just a 1/4 turn to close it.

Thanx 4 your informative site and great pix.
Lewis (2017-10-18)
I got bored while doing homework and found this site by accident. I better get back to my homework, but thanks for the distraction.
jane (2017-09-12)
I miss You.
erna (2017-04-14)
wel leuk om mee te maken
skok (2017-02-20)
X (2016-04-06)
Love me some boosh :)

I like to boogy
Bella Mullen (2016-01-26)
Dear Baccyflap Sir !!, I have a baccyflap for sale, bakelite same as the one in the photo.... Would you be interested in buying it? Yours sincerely Bella Mullen
cz (2015-12-01)
Robot man can't you help me find my way?
rmf (2015-09-25)
That's something I certainly never considered; my baccyflap does have the feel of old age to it, and I'm pretty sure it is in fact made of bakelite (it has a very specific look and feel). But I was curious so I traced down an old ad and even pictures of the cardboard box the Parker flap came in, which I imagine dispels any uncertainty. I'll add them to the page.
Flint Liddon (2015-09-25)
Question. How do we know that Baacyflaps actually existed in the past? I bought mine off eBay and it was shipped from England. A friend of mine mentioned that it looked practically brand new. Which it does. And it doesn't actually say "Bakelite" anywhere on the thing. I can't tell Bakelite from other plastic. Perhaps someone created an underground mythos to sell a little gizmo they produced for a buck? Am I paranoid?
Flint Liddon (2015-09-25)
Same longing. Nice page.
M (2015-07-22)
Well! I thought it time to give your website a try. The blog is amusing! I hope you are considering to post frequently again.