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Sharp Elsi-Mate EL-220

The Sharp Elsi-Mate EL-220 was introduced 1981 and it was made in Japan. This particular calculator has some advertising on it: printed in Dutch across its forehead is the text "Kattenburg b.v. Uniformkleding", which translates to "Kattenburg corporation uniform apparel". The company still exists today. I imagine these calculators, not too hot a commodity at this point, were given out with big orders or something.

top view of the Sharp Elsi-Mate EL-220

It's 127mm high by 62mm wide, and tapers from 18mm to 10mm in thickness. It takes two AA batteries, which are inserted after removing the entire back plate of the device by way of a little push tab.

The calculator turns on and off by an OFF button and a red on/C button on the top right of the button pad. We're entering the eighties here, and that means LCD screens start popping up everywhere; gone are the days of VFD and nixie and all that. Boring old gray displays, surrounded by fairly industrial-looking calculators. But it'll crunch your numbers alright.

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