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Casio LC-825

The Casio LC-825 was made in Japan.

top view of the Casio LC-825

Its production year is a bit of a mystery. I found a Polish auction site where someone was selling one saying it was introduced in 1978. Uncertain, I cracked mine open and found a BASIC chip labeled T3708, which was manufactured in or after 1977, so 1978 sounds about right. An age when, apparently, the root of negative nine was negative 3.

the Toshiba T3708 SOC chip that mde it all possible

It's 113mm high by 65mm wide, and 7.5 mm thick. This wafer thin calculator takes two LR44 coin cells, which are inserted after removing the entire back plate of the device by way of two screws.

the underside of the device

It is turned on and off by a little slider switch to the top left of the button pad. It is only labeled "on", but worry not, gentle reader, it can also be turned off. The screen is typical of early LCD technology, with its yellow filter to enhance readability. Minimisation was well on its way by the late seventies, as this itsy bitsy teenie weenie tiny silvergray machiney could fit into the pockets of even the tightest of disco trousers.

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