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Casio HR-8

The Casio HR-8 printing calculator was made in Japan.

top view of the Casio HR-8

I think it may be from the late eighties or somewhere in the nineties, but for the life of me, I cannot find any information online. Casio still produces printing calculators under the HR-8 name, so we'll have to open this device up to find out more. view of the internals of the Casio HR-8

Now we're talking. That's an NEC D1743G, and it's dated to the 11th week of 1985. There's also a teeny tiny little Sanyo chip called LB1248, which is dated '5B4', meaning it was made in the second quarter of 1985. We have a date!

The calculator is 175mm high by 100mm wide, and tapers from 34mm to 23mm in thickness. It's powered by four AA batteries, and activates by a sliding switch on the top right of the button pad.

It's a big calculator with functions handy for shopkeepers, as that is its target market. The printer, I am sad to say, is broken. I cannot feed the paper through, and even if I could, the little wheels that held the numbers and symbols have dropped those numbers and symbols. I can press "P" and the printer will go at it, to no avail. The calculator works fine, though.

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