the chamber of technology

Denizens of the age of technology have always looked forward to what's next. When the new thing comes round, the old is quickly forgotten, and history is forever lost... unless it ends up at a thrift shop or flea market. Thankfully, it often does. I am fascinated by old technology and have inadvertently built up a little museum.

The stuff you'll find here ranges from video game paraphernalia to calculators to home computers; every once in a while I'll add something new, whether it be because I stumbled upon it in a drawer or because I just picked it up.

It'll take a while to add everything. The links below will become active (underlined) as I create the pages.

1. calculators

Sharp Elsi-Mate EL-120
Sharp EL-808
Silver-Reed 8R
Sperry Remington 1100
Texas Instruments TI-51-III (+ repair)
Casio LC-825
Conic EL-601
Dart VL-852
Casio HL-801
Sharp EL-520
Sharp Elsi Mate EL-220
Casio HR-8

2. home computers

Atari Portfolio
Commodore 64 model II

3. game consoles

Atari 2600
Intellivision Computer Module
Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo 64

4. handheld game consoles

Nintendo Game Boy
Atari Lynx
Nintendo Game Boy Color
Nintendo Game Boy Light
Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
Nintendo Game Boy Micro

5. cameras

Kodak Vest Pocket Camera
Agfa Clack
Mamiya 135
Minolta X-1000