on the

preparation and preservation

of natural materials and objects

The preservation of the various things and materials found in nature has always played an important role in my life. A lack of knowledge hampered me when I was younger (rotten lizards stink of ammonia, in case you were wondering) but as the years have gone on I've gathered the necessary information to prepare and preserve nigh any interesting thing I'm likely to run into. My accumulated knowledge resides below; if there's anything you perceive to be erroneous or suitable for improvement, please email me and we'll fight about it.

If there's anything that's missing, please email me for that as well. Odds are I won't know about it but I know lots of weird, creepy scientists who may.

  1. pressing leaves and flowers
  2. the preparation of wood
  3. the preservation of bogwood
  4. catching and preserving arthropods
  5. preserving vertebrates in alcohol
  6. animal bones: carcass to bare bones
  7. animal bones: building the skeleton
  8. tanning the hides of small mammals
  9. preparation of dropped antlers
  10. flattening shed snake skin
  11. laminating thin specimens
  12. preserving solid objects from the sea
  13. preserving pyrite fossils