Money Origami

by Sherwood Clay Randall, Jr.

In the late nineties on a homepage now long defunct, a man called Sherwood Clay Randall, Jr, going by "Clay", published these dollar bill origami diagrammes. I came across them in the early noughties and, as was not so uncommon a thing to do at the time, cached the entire website on my PC for offline viewing. Now, with some alterations in his code, I reproduce them here. I have unsuccessfully tried to contact Clay; if you know him, or are him, or know how to contact him, please tell me and I'll contact Clay immediately; this stuff is posted here without his knowledge or consent, simply because I feel something wonderful was lost when this lovely chunk of information left the Internet. All the words from here on out are Clay's, although some reformatting has taken place.

Folding paper money (or "money origami") is my one true creative output. My best original designs include spiders, eyeglasses, sailboats, and framed portraits. I got started in high school when I learned how to make a ring out of a dollar bill. I generally make these items to leave as tips. A friend of mine keeps telling me "You should write a could make a lot of money." My slogan is: "Everyone is good at something. Me, I'm good at spending money."

As I get time, I'll enter in the steps for creating a few of them:


Bow Tie




Gift Box

Picture Frame







Well, this has evolved a bit. I started with a lousy B&W flatbed scanner, moved to a nice color flatbed, and now I've got access to a color digital camera. That's why these things look so different. When I get some time, I'll probably go back and fix up some of the older pages to be smaller and look nicer, but for now I'm still just adding newer ones.