Disclaimer: if you're digging around in this archive of my developing brain, take heed: some of it is terrible nonsense. I started writing this blog in 2005 when I was sixteen years old, apparently with the straightforward mission of proving that all teenagers are irredeemable idiots.

Let there be absolutely no doubt that while there are some fun and thoughtful posts in this my ancient blog, there are also some indefensible ones. I had fallen to some degree to post-9/11 xenophobia and had some fundamental misconceptions about my fellow human beings. Like many teenaged boys, I revelled in feeling smart, so Dawkinsesque arrogance was like, totally, my thing. I was an idiot, it's embarassing, but I'm leaving it here to remind myself and you that no one is beyond saving.

Laugh, don't cry; I'm feeling much better now.

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