pipe tobacco tin labels

the health warning free experience
round tobacco tin with top label showing about 75% health warnings and 25% actual branding In my native Netherlands, the tobacco health warning labeling situation has become steadily more excessive. Pipe tobacco tins are completely covered in health warnings. While most of these can be peeled off, the top sticker (the one that's supposed to show the nice artwork) is mostly consumed by warnings and offensive photographs, leaving only a thin strip containing little more than the brand name. Removing this sticker would just leave an entirely bare tin, while cutting off the warning would leave only a thin strip of branding on a now slightly silly looking tin.

As such, whenever I buy new pipe tobacco, I look up a picture of the unspoilt label, scale and redraw it to a good-enough standard, print it out and glue it to the tin. I've built up something of a collection, which I thought may be of use to those similarly frustrated. While these days I mostly smoke straight virginia tobacco that comes in packets, I switch it up every now and again and I'll add the corresponding label here when I do.

Click to enlarge. The labels below fit the usual 50 gramme tins if you print them at 92mm wide or if there's a thin red circle around it, that serves as a cutting guide and you should print it at 94mm wide. You can print them at 300dpi and they'll still look good.

a round 4th generation 1982 tobacco tin label a round sam gawith cabbie's mix tobacco tin label a round dunhill my mixture 965 tobacco tin label a round peterson balkan tobacco tin tabel a round peterson early morning pipe tobacco tin label a round peterson de luxe navy rolls tobacco tin label