the gextractor

Back in my gecko trapping days in the rainforests of Borneo, I discovered that hunting the little creatures up and down the walls and across the ceiling of our little hut o' science was a job that resulted in two things:
  1. profuse swearing
  2. spooked geckos dropping their tails
both of which are not ideal. To remedy this, I designed a tool with the items that were at hand, and I called it the gextractor.

The thing is simple enough: a receptacle attached to a long rod with some tape to make for a universal (any-direction) joint, and four thin cables or rods attached at the corners of said receptacle attached at the end to a cross, which allows the user to manipulate the receptacle similarly to the way a puppeteer controls a marionette.

blueprint of the gextractor device

It's a simple device that can be built for the purpose of trapping any animal small enough on any sufficiently even surface.

The issue of the actual obtaining of the trapped animal was never entirely resolved. What we ended up doing was sliding a plastic sheet between the receptacle and the wall, like the way one traps big scary spiders. Improvements are welcomed and if you have an idea, you can download and adapt the vector graphics file linked below, or email me and I can update the design, with credit to the inventor, if desired.

Download gextractor.svg (46.8 kB)