malaysia 2016

In February 2016 I joined some fellow biologists for a two week spell in Danau Girang Field Centre in Malaysian Borneo to learn some things and do some things in an environment that will blow anyone's mind. The field centre lies near the banks of the Kinabatangan river and consists of a few gecko-infested buildings that seem lost in the lush jungle.

I wrote a little story for the blog of the Leiden natural history museum - a blog so impossible to locate and so difficult about posting the thing unedited that I've just published it here.

I made some audio recordings whilst in the rainforest; go here to listen to them.

I also spent time elsewhere in Borneo; for clarity, I've marked the chapterlets of my adventure. The whole thing is split up into two pages for the sheer number of pictures.

22 feb-7 mar: danau girang field centre
7-10 mar: kota kinabalu
10 mar: sandakan
11 mar: sim sim village
12 mar: more sandakan
13 mar: into the mountains
13-14 mar: mothpocalypse 2016
14 mar: kinabalu park

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22 feb-7 mar: dgfc

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