HollandTrip 2004

Okay. Jeff and I were pretty bored during our summer holiday, so we figured we'd buy some Jongerentoer-train tickets and head the fuck off. Although not everything went to plan (DRACHTEN), we got home more or less in one piece, and I put the pictographical result, consisting of cellphonephotos here.

What came after Harlingen? Well, Jeff's phone (camera) died, so I'll just have to waste my precious time on explaining you what happened. Consider yourself lucky.
When we got back from Harlingen, we rode for Leeuwarden, after which someone felt like going to Groningen. In Groningen we had to take the next train immediately, because we were so late already. And so, when we got to Zwolle, the trains just quit on us. Cab drivers tore each other limb from limb to take us to Nijmegen, but via phone Jeff's dad lead us to a cheap hotel.
We slept well, and at ten o'clock in the morning, we pissed off towards Arnhem. Only our overly jolly dispositions had kept us alive the previous day, but they were no longer required, because we were finally getting on the Intercity towards Roermond. From there we went to Echt, and from echt we took the car too Kingswood. Happy days! After all of our hard times, we ended up at our destinations: Silvia, Bianca, Mirke, Dominique and Caprice. We stole strawberries from a German field there. If you know what I'm saying.

We left Limburg after two days. We stopped at someplace called Oud-Beierland, from which we could escape by this much, and we went home in as straight a line as possible. And I'm home now.