Gran Canaria 2003

Could man ever come up with something better than holidays? Well, yes, sure. However, vacation is definitely up there. I went on a holiday to Gran Canaria in July of 2003, which resulted in this page.

1: Nahuel, 2: Leone, 3: Jordi, 4: Myself, 5: Lorna 6: Kim, 8: Ilona, 8: Jonathan, 9: Lisanne, 10: Stefania, 11: Elisa, 12: Pim, 13: Ryan, 14: Lieke.

scuba diving

To be honest, it's not just about scuba diving. It's about snorkeling too.

"What diving?" I hear you cry, standing on top of your desk. Well, listen very carefully, for I will only write this once.
Before leaving the country, I decided that I was going to take a scuba diving course on this island in the Great Pacific. I took lessons on Playa del Amadores (that's a beach!) in Puerto Rico, and these are photos of it.