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the world was not ready
Once upon a summer, in the year of our Ford 2008, a friend and I were sitting in the attic of an old house, filming ourselves electrifying a piece of cheese with a golf club. Wez'd been given the opportunity of producing a do-it-yourself video series for a small newspaper, and produce we did.

an old, red, rejected logo

Our initial house style; we ended up toning it down a bit.

We initially produced a teaser which was completely useless as we ourselves didn't even know what the final product would end up being:

In the end, we made four episodes of our Sp!tsstrook, and filmed a fifth that I never got round to cutting together. We went looking for an advertiser who could fund our purchases, after which the newspaper would pay us for the finished videos and publish them online - mind you, this was an age when posting stupid shit on YouTube wasn't yet considered a viable career.

our eventual logo, a bit less pronounced It hardly bears explaining why we couldn't secure an advertiser. The videos were too bizarre for any company to affiliate itself with them - and that's not even mentioning the dubious graphics, offensive imagery and unlicensed music. I daresay that any attempted partnership with our madness would have driven sales down, if anything.

We had a good time making them though; it was a summer blissfully misspent. They are all in Dutch; instructions can be followed through the physical demonstrations, however - it's a largely visual experience. So if you wish to make either a butane mini spud gun, a tin foil solar cooker, a bin bag box kite, or a brush robot, these are the videos for you. Enjoy!

thumbnail for episode 1, the mini spud gun thumbnail for episode 2, the tin foil solar cooker thumbnail for episode 3, the bin bag box kite thumbnail for episode 4, the brush bot