blog: first, a disclaimer

When I was sixteen, I had a blog - we all did. Should you decide to dig around in this archive of the blossom of my youth, please remember to look at the dates above the posts and take heed: some of them are bad.

Let there be no doubt that while the rants and raves in this my ancient blog could be fun and thoughtful, they could also be indefensibly base. My developing brain reflected the xenophobia of the post-2001 cultural landscape back into the world; I had fundamental misconceptions about my fellow human beings and like many teenaged boys, I revelled in feeling smart, which meant parroting the likes of Richard Dawkins and just generally being an arrogant little shit.

I laugh at some and cringe at other things I wrote at the time but I also recognise that life is necessarily a series of misconceptions that are painstakingly cleared up, one by one, in the unending quest to become a better person. It's a beautiful journey, even when it sucks. As such, I elect to leave this blog right here where I put it back in the day, as an honest account of who I was and how I thought - the inalterable past, presented unaltered.

yeah, ok, got it, now take me to the blog