the hall of

old calculators

(and also some other things)
There is a saying among collectors that goes "I have more than I need, but fewer than I want." Me, I have calculators - the older the better. In fairness I'm hardly a collector, but every now and again I'll dig through a crate at a thrift shop and there it is, another addition to the already overfull shelf above my bed... I justify the indulgence by remembering that I've never paid more than about five euros for any of these things.

Below you'll find links to the objects on the aforementioned shelf, along with some other favourite electronic objects.


Sharp Elsi-Mate EL-1201973
Sharp EL-8081973
Dart VL-8521974
Hanimex BCM81811975
Silver-Reed 8R1975
Mannics Model 8001975
Sperry-Remington 11001976
Sharp Elsi-Mate EL-80191976
Texas Instruments TI-51-III (+ repair)1977
Casio LC-8251978
Conic EL-6011978
Casio HL-8011979
Sharp EL-5201980
Sharp Elsi-Mate EL-2201981
Casio HR-81985
Citizen SLD-7211990

computers & consoles

Atari Portfolio1989
Commodore 64 model II1982
Atari 26001977
Intellivision Computer Module1982
Nintendo Entertainment System1985
Super Nintendo Entertainment System1992
Nintendo Game Boy1989