download my guestbook

I wrote this simple, bare-bones guestbook in PHP. All you need to do to get it working straight out of the box is to ensure that data.txt has the appropriate permissions (CHMOD 666).

Form data from index.php is sent to write.php, which processes the text into comma-separated values that are written to data.txt, the contents of which read.php reproduces in index.php.

There is also a cheeky little field in the form that appears 1000 pixels left of your viewport. You don't see it, but bots do, and if they put a value in that field, nothing is posted - it's primitive spam control.

download (2.5 kB)

Thanks to Gus for catching bugs and instructing me on how to clean up and improve some of the code.

I hereby publish this guestbook into the public domain. If you want to use and adapt it, go forth and be merry, no credits required - although a linkback would be a kind gesture in an otherwise unforgiving universe.