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Aldente (2017-11-29)

Just recently won an e-bay auction for my Baccyflap that I received over a month ago and would like to report that I am happy as a pig-in-a-puddle... :)))
It's in barely-used conition. Wow!!!
This little'pocket edition' brown flying saucer is sooo cool, I find myself constantly holding it in my hands -- it's that addictive!

And then I open it and take a whiff of my most aromatic tobacco I store in it. It holds the aroma perfectly and seems like it's really airtight for just a 1/4 turn to close it.

Thanx 4 your informative site and great pix.

Lewis (2017-10-18)

I got bored while doing homework and found this site by accident. I better get back to my homework, but thanks for the distraction.

jane (2017-09-12)

I miss You.

erna (2017-04-14)

wel leuk om mee te maken

skok (2017-02-20)


X (2016-04-06)

Love me some boosh :)

I like to boogy

Bella Mullen (2016-01-26)

Dear Baccyflap Sir !!, I have a baccyflap for sale, bakelite same as the one in the photo.... Would you be interested in buying it? Yours sincerely Bella Mullen

cz (2015-12-01)

Robot man can't you help me find my way?

rmf (2015-09-25)

That's something I certainly never considered; my baccyflap does have the feel of old age to it, and I'm pretty sure it is in fact made of bakelite (it has a very specific look and feel). But I was curious so I traced down an old ad and even pictures of the cardboard box the Parker flap came in, which I imagine dispels any uncertainty. I'll add them to the page.

Flint Liddon (2015-09-25)

Question. How do we know that Baacyflaps actually existed in the past? I bought mine off eBay and it was shipped from England. A friend of mine mentioned that it looked practically brand new. Which it does. And it doesn't actually say "Bakelite" anywhere on the thing. I can't tell Bakelite from other plastic. Perhaps someone created an underground mythos to sell a little gizmo they produced for a buck? Am I paranoid?

Flint (2015-09-25)

Same longing. Nice page.

M (2015-07-22)

Well! I thought it time to give your website a try. The blog is amusing! I hope you are considering to post frequently again.