flash animations

Back in the day when the Web was a more wild and wonderful place, you couldn't swing a JavaScript cat for all the weird ways in which websites utilised Flash animation. Whether it was ad banners, music players, or entire websites - Flash, now much maligned, was a spoke in the wheel of an entire era of web development.

Below you will find a collection of videos, games, banners and other things that I made, starting in 2002, when I was thirteen years old.

Please note: as society has drifted away from the old gods, your browser may at this point no longer be able to display Flash content. That's why you'll find a download link above every animation, so that you can try to play them on your computer (I use a programme called Gnash).

My Liege Sir Hollowtree (2010) Serenity Talking Keychain (2010) Change (2010) Stereoscope (2008) Reijer (2008) Aliens (2007) Yayness (2006) Untitled (2006) One Minute of Violence (2006) Think Again (2006) A Man and His R (2006) Planet (2006) Contour (2006) Sheep in Space (2005) UFO (2005) Warrior Man (2005) Banner 2 (2005) Banner (2004) Dansje (2004) Piece O' Shit (2004) Intro (2003) CrazyBird (2003) Stuiteruh (2003) RobHoofd.TK (2003) Skwasj (2003) Balkenende (2003) Blijheid (2002)