android boot animations

I own a smartphone that runs the Android OS. When booting, one is greeted initially by a logo, after which an animation appears. The latter can be easily replaced, and I've made a few of these animations.

To use a boot animation, your device must be rooted. I won't go into the specifics of that here, as there are countless tutorials for it online. Once you have root access, simply replace located in /system/media/ (for Android AOSP at least) with one you take from the list below. Reboot your phone, and the animation appears. It's that simple!

Note that the downloads below are zipfiles that contain the zipfiles you'll copy to your phone. The file you need is called and you mustn't rename it, as your system will specifically search for a file with that name.

The examples below have been compressed (reduced size, colour and framerate) to load faster; the actual animations are 720 by 1280 pixels and look far better. All were adapted from the work of others, so I provide links to the original creators when possible.

bootanimation of a pterodactyl carrying a dinosaur bootanimation of jupiter spinning in black and white bootanimation of a colourful, moving atari logo
11.6 kB
Dino Run
2.5 MB

1.2 MB
bootanimation of a sphere made of turning gears bootanimation of a rainy day in the woods bootanimation of a woman swimming through space as though it were water
Gear sphere
2.2 MB

1.8 MB
Space swimmer
12.7 MB

bootanimation of a rotating human skull bootanimation of The Ultimate Trip from 2001: A Space Odyssey bootanimation of a cartoony little squid swimming up and down
2.4 MB
The ultimate trip
38.6 MB
2001: A Space Odyssey. The full sequence.
489.8 kB
bootanimation of an animated illustration of evolution, from a single cell to a human being
3.9 MB