suddenly, baccyflaps

a series of taphonomic aberrations
a whimsical portrait of the author smoking his pipe Hello, long-expected traveler, and welcome to my personal homepage. My name is rmf and I invite you to use the above menu to navigate to a collection of things to look at and listen to (useful, useless and otherwise), various sorts of information I've gathered and instructions I've written, and a great wild mess of personal stuff such as videos, photos and old writings.

You are forgiven if you consider this place a little old-fashioned - after all, it was born of another, more perfect age: that of the personal homepage, a time when denizens of the Web built their websites to spread knowledge, talk about their interests, or reach out to others. The Net was at that point a roiling cauldron of anarchy - more living, more human, still unhomogenised and unbought. It felt to me more social than any social networking gizmo could ever hope to be. Perhaps, some radiant day, the Internet will regain its humanity; will bide its time until that moment comes.

On this homepage you'll occasionally come across weatherbeaten scraps of what was once (and, at times, still is) my ego. If you're having none of that, you can go straight to the baccyflap page.

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