suddenly, baccyflaps

fear the maleficent cube

Welcome, prodigal stranger, to a website about lots of things. My name is rmf and I cordially invite you to use the above menu to navigate to a mess of written things -useful, useless and otherwise- by me and others, a varied collection of sound and picture to tickle the senses, and a photo diary I keep of holidays, events and some other things.

Part of the reason this website exists is my longing back for the golden age of the personal homepage, when the Internet still consisted of humans putting information out there just to do so, occasionally contacting one another to exchange thoughts. More social in its simplicity than any social networking gizmo could ever hope to be. Perhaps, some bright day, the Internet will regain its humanity; will bide its time until that moment comes.

On this homepage you'll occasionally encounter discarded scraps of what was once (and, in some cases, still is) my ego. If you're having none of that, you can go straight to the baccyflap page.

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